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We assemble full development teams on demand.


From our experience in developing leading software applications over the past 25 years, we recognize that every successful software project requires a small number of key technical leaders, we call them team anchors, who can get it done. Not just smart people, but leaders with a “can do” spirit and expertise to deliver the application.
Cornerstone provides these critical resources that are the key to your solution’s success.
During the planning phase, we provide experienced technical architects to examine your application’s requirements, existing technical environment, and future directions to develop a secure, scalable, architecture.
During development phase, we help identify teams and seed them with experienced technical leaders that can lead teams and have drive projects to a successful completion.
Throughout the project, we augment areas where you need services in key areas that require specialized skills.
During the stabilization phase, we can bring in Quality Engineers who have experience in testing commercial products, including development of test automation and applying stress test tools.