Applications and Web Servers


The development staff at Cornerstone has worked in many technology platforms.


For many years we developed software solutions before the Application Server Platform category existed. In many cases we have assembled best-of-breed technologies and thereby created our own ad-hoc application platform. We also have used specific platforms as a client’s application needs demand. Following are a few of the most popular platforms we have used.


• Microsoft’s .net Server
• iPlanet Application Server
• BEA’s Web Logic Server

• IBM’s Web Sphere Server
• Sun’s Tomacat Application Server


Cornerstone Developers have used nearly all of the primary WEB Server platforms on the market today. Nearly all of these servers utilize industry standard technologies for the development and deployment of web applications. We find that our background and experience in these technologies apply well to any Web Server in used by our clients today.


• Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)
• Netscape Enterprise (I-Planet) Server
• SUN’s Tomcat

• Apache Server
• IBM’s Websphere