Boston-Based Equity Trading Institution


Securities Trading Application


When an industry leading Financial Institution based in Boston needed a full featured, high performance, web-based research and equity trading product for their leading customers, Cornerstone provided the key architects and engineers to deliver the solution through their “team-based” consulting approach.


architecture & design

Cornerstone worked with product managers to develop a scalable architecture and design that could support the demands of online trading while providing the required feature set.


technology leadership

Once the application design was in place, Cornerstone worked with management to assemble development teams to build the product by providing senior engineers who had the experience, technical, and communication skills required to anchor and lead a team through the development process.


experienced developers

While the company had existing development staff with many of the skills required to develop the project, Cornerstone augmented the development team with developers possessing the experience and skills necessary in building a complex product as well as the commitment to the project’s demanding schedule.


key solutions

As with most teams, there are areas where the client needs to supplement the team’s skill set in areas that are key to the project. Cornerstone provided experienced engineers to deliver with special expertise in C++ development, COM, MS Transaction Server and Oracle to name a few.


Note: at the request of the client, neither the organization nor the product name can be mentioned on this site.