JP Morgan Treasury Management


Insight 64 | Treasury Workstation Suite


When J.P. Morgan Chase’s Global Financial Services division decided to port their aging 16-bit native Windows Treasury Workstation application to a 64-bit platform and renew the lagging functionality they turned to one of their business partners, Alliance Consulting, for assistance. Alliance in turn called upon Cornerstone to assist in the endeavor by bringing high level architecture, project management, and technology expertise to bear on the project. Through a corp-to-corp subcontracting relationship, Cornerstone joined forced with Alliance to design, implement, and deliver a new version of the product to the banking business.


analysis & design

Cornerstone brought experienced software architects to the project team who dug in immediately and initiated a formal analysis of the application suite code base. Eight independant applications were studies along with lower level infrastructure mechanisms for deliverying transactions through the bank’s back-end systems. Detailed reports were generated and incorporated into a master project plan for reporting and recommendations to the project executives. Cornerstone presented findings and recommendations directly to bank divisional management.


architecture & technology

Cornerstone architects led the process of designing and specifying the approach to refactor the business logic from the existing applications and effectively re-base the application on the .NET platform. Complex and cumbersome legacy mechanisms were replaced with straight-forward, easy to implement constructs using modern communications protocols. Attempts to reduce duplication of logic in the existing applications and generate object oriented code-reuse patterns were very successful. Detailed design documentation was provided along with estimates of the time/effort required to complete the project.


project management

The project scope was complicated by the combination of staff from three organizations: JP Morgan’s development team, Alliance consultants, and Cornerstone consultants. To complicate matters an offshore development component was mandated by policy. Cornerstone architects & project leaders designed the solution in such a manner as to organize & manage this complex team structure. The team was divided into infrastructure, application logic, and user interface generation (offshore) teams. Team leads from Cornerstone were responsible to pull this all together into product deliverables on a frequent basis.


development environment

Along with architecture and project management Cornerstone provided leadership through the establishment of state of the art development practices and build processes. Software systems were integrated to provide source control to integrate the dispersed development process, including offshore developers, Quality Assurance organizations, and change management / product deployment teams.